Online Certification Training Courses


Online Certification Training Courses

An innovative opportunity to obtain training and CEH's without the additional expense of travel, lodging, etc.

Learn More, Learn Faster: The Benefits of Online Training:

Our students are finding their online education experiences fulfilling. Browse our website and directory of specialty forensic mental health trainings presently available, and get started on your online training course.

Training Courses Offered

  • Convenience: no need to travel, or take time away from your employment. Online training programs eliminate the expense of travel, lodging, etc.
  • Flexibility: self-paced
  • Quality: Online learning is considered as good, if not superior, to traditional learning by many major state and private universities.
  • Respect: The number of online students is increasing each year. Bachelors, Master and Doctoral degrees earned online are as respected by employers as those certifications or degrees earned on campus
  • Earning Potential: Becoming certified in your specialty may mean additional earnings over the course of your career.



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