Forensic Counselor Online Training


Forensic Counselor Online Training

Course Titles:
1. Forensic Counselor

Course Text: Contemporary Assessment and Treatment of Adult Criminal Justice Clients by Francis J. Deisler, Ph.D

Course Overview and Instructions: This course provides information on the assessment and treatment of criminal offenders and establishes a solid foundation for those trainees who desire to work with the criminal justice population. 

Registration Fees
Forensic Counselor/Criminal Justice Online Training fee for those seeking certification: $775.00 per person and includes:

  • All training materials

Full Fee: $775.00

Payment Plan:
$387.50 Upon Registration of Course
$387.50 Upon Completion of Course

Registrants who pay the full $775.00 tuition fee upon registration of course will automatically receive a 5% (five percent) discount.

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