Sex Offender Treatment Online Training


Sex Offender Treatment Online Training

Course Title: Sex Offender Treatment Online Training

Course Text: Contemporary Assessment and Treatment of Adult Criminal Justice Clients by Francis J. Deisler, Ph.D.

Course prerequisites : Must be a state licensed, active and in good standing, in a profession applicable to working with sex offenders. No licensure is required where exempt through legislation, federal or state employment, or where no licensure exists for your profession, i.e., probation, parole, etc.

Course Overview: This course provides information on the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders, administering and scoring of various assessment tools, treatment issues, etc., and establishes a foundation for those professionals who work with this population.

Course Purpose and Objectives:

  • Male sex offender assessment instruments and how to score and interpret each instrument
  • Male sex offender treatment and best practices
  • Identifying sexual assault cycles
  • Arousal assessment techniques and arousal control interventions
  • Cognitive restructuring approaches
  • Development of empathy
  • Sex offender group work
  • Social skills, life skills training
  • Working with denial and resistance
  • Aftercare programs
  • Risk, recovery and progress assessment
  • Relapse prevention planning and intervention strategies
  • and more...

Registration Fees
Sex Offender Treatment Onsite Workshop Training fee for those seeking certification: $775.00 per person and includes:

  • All training materials

Full Fee: $775

Payment Plan:
$387.50 Upon Registration of Course
$387.50 Upon Completion of Course

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