Batterer Intervention-Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies


Batterer Intervention-Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies

Batterer Intervention: Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies - 6 CEUs

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This online course is based on a review of research and evaluation findings, operational experiences, and expert opinion on the subject of batterer intervention.

The objective of this online course on batterer intervention is to provide information to make informed choices in planning, implementing, and improving programs and practice in providing services to batterers.

Batterer intervention programs are an essential part of any comprehensive approach to domestic violence. However, there is a need for increased and more effective communication between batterer intervention program providers and criminal justice professionals.

This online course provides courts, prosecutors, probation officers, parole agents and mental health professionals with the information they need to better understand batterer intervention.

A brief description of this online training course includes:
The causes of domestic violence, an overview of theories and interventions including Feminist Approaches, Psychological Approaches, The Family System Model,  Program Procedures, Program Content including the Amend, Emerge and Duluth Models and Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques, Cultural Specificity, Interventions Based on Batter Typologies, Criminal Justice Issues and the Role of Probation.

Course Text: Batterer intervention: Program Approaches and Criminal Justice Strategies by Kerry Murphy Healey. You can purchase this book or the kindle edition of this book from any number of sources, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. We advise that you also check your local library for availability.

Tuition: $30.00

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