Group Therapy Approaches...with Criminal Justice Populations


Group Therapy Approaches...with Criminal Justice Populations

Group Therapy Approaches and Strategies for Working with Criminal Justice Populations - 8 CEUs

All CE courses require return of any materials that may be provided, i.e., books, test booklets, etc. Courses will not be considered completed until returned.

Course Description
This course discusses and explores starting a criminal justice client group.

Subjects discussed and covered include:

  • client selection
  • screening
  • group developmental stages
  • best practice therapies for offenders
  • stages of individual change
  • treatment issues
  • strategies to deal with difficult/resistant clients
  • aftercare
  • relapse prevention

Course Objectives
Upon completion of this continuing education course, the student will:

  • Fully understand the need to develop a criteria for clients placement into group therapy, client screening, and group assignment
  • Fully understand the stages of a groups development
  • Understand best practices for working with offenders in a group setting
  • Understand offender psychosocial treatment issues
  • Have knowledge of strategies to deal with resistant group members
  • Understand the treatment needs of female/male offenders
  • Understand the need for a comprehensive relapse prevention plan

Course Text: "Group Therapy Approaches for Working With Criminal Justice Clients" by Dr. Francis Deisler. This book will be provided by the FTI as part of your course and is not required to be returned upon completion.

Tuition: $40.00

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