Psychology of Female Violence


Psychology of Female Violence

Psychology of Female Violence - 8 CEUs

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Course Description
This course explores the nature and causes of female violence from the perspective of psychodynamic theory and forensic psychology. High profile cases of female violence are discussed. Topics include: the Victoria Climby inquiry, the controversy related to the diagnosis of Munchausen’s syndrome by proxy, dangerous and severe personality disorder in women, and the impact of pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia websites. Clinical issues of working with women who kill and designing therapeutic services for women in secure mental health settings.

Other topics include: Women who sexually and physically abuse children, infanticide, fabricated and induced illness and self harm.

This course contains 6 learning modules. At the end of each leaning module you are required to submit a 200 word or more reflective essay to your assigned instructor via email. You will be assigned an instructor at the time of your registration that is state licensed as a psychologist, clinical social worker or mental health counselor.

Course Text: The Psychology of Female Violence by Anna Moltz.
You can purchase this book or the kindle edition of this book from any number of sources, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. We advise that you also check your local library for availability.

Tuition: $40.00

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