Relapse Prevention with Sex Offenders


Relapse Prevention with Sex Offenders

Relapse Prevention with Sex Offenders - 8 CEUs

Course Description

This course is for those clinicians working on the front lines with sex offenders...residential centers, community counseling programs, hospitals and prisons.

This course presents in detail a variety of Relapse Prevention (RP) assessment and treatment approaches that can be readily implemented in clinical practice. The course highlights the ways in which RP treatment with sex offenders both resembles and differs from RP for other impulse control disorders.

This course examines specific high risk situations for sex offenders, the sequence of the relapse process, the problem of immediate gratification, and the abstinence violation effect of sexual fantasies as well as possible solutions to these problems through assessment of high risk situations and coping skills as well as solutions through treatment.

Course Text: Relapse Prevention with Sex Offenders edited by D. Richard Laws. You can purchase this book from any number of sources, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. We advise that you also check your local library for availability.

Tuition: $40.00

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