The Development and Treatment of Self-Mutilative Behavior


The Development and Treatment of Self-Mutilative Behavior

The Development and Treatment of Self-Mutilative Behavior - 5 CEUs

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Course Description
As the incidence of youth suicide continues to increase the relationship between self-mutilation and suicide are explored in this course.

Subjects that are covered include:

  • Forms of self mutilative behavior
  • Self mutilation as a variant of suicide
  • Wrist cutting syndrome
  • Distinguishing the difference between self mutilation and suicide
  • Self harm syndrome
  • Childhood/adolescent conditions and self mutilation
  • Self mutilation in Borderline personalities/Psychotics/Retarded/Autistic populations
  • Treatment approaches and techniques
  • and much more.

The older text chosen for this course was done so because of its  coverage of a wide clinical population and the extensive research that is still utilized today.

Course Text: Self Mutilation: Theory, Research and Treatment by Barent WS. Walsh, Paul M. Rosen. You can purchase this book or the kindle edition of this book from any number of sources, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. We advise that you also check your local library for availability.

Tuition: $25.00

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