The Essentials of Criminal Justice


The Essentials of Criminal Justice

The Essentials of Criminal Justice - 5 CEUs

Course Description

This course is for mental health professionals, forensic counselors, forensic social workers, and addiction counselors, and correctional personnel working with mandated clients and others who desire an understanding of the criminal justice system and how it works. The chapters within this short and easy reading text provides complete coverage of core concepts and subjects including such subjects as; the criminal justice system, criminal justice in the United States, crime, criminal law, development of the American police, police function, police power, police problems, criminal courts, defendants’ rights, prosecutors, defense attorneys, sentencing, prisons and prisoners’ rights, the juvenile justice system and much more.

Course Text: CliffsQuickReview Criminal Justice by Dennis HoffmanYou can purchase this book or the kindle edition of this book from any number of sources, i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc. We advise that you also check your local library for availability.

Tuition: $25.00

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